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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Use Mooncups!


Mooncups are essential for every woman of the future....

Mooncups are the best invention after baby slings and cloth nappies, I can't believe how clever they are.

I didn't even think that alternatives to the tampon existed! I started to use one when I got my periods back after my son's birth at about 14 months [quite late apparently maybe due to on demand breast feeding?] Tampons are as bad for the environment as disposable nappies really, maybe on a smaller scale.

They last forever, cost what a few months of disposable tampon/pad use would cost, easy to use, discreet, contain no bleach and chemicals that are found in tampons/pads, more hygienic, eco friendly - nothing going into the landfill or blocking the drains, you feel proud to use them for all of the above reasons.

You'll never have to worry about forgetting it like you would a tampon or worry about carrying it around - its always there, you just have to wash it! If in a public loo you can take a small bottle of water into the cubicle to wash it. They need to be boiled once a month.

Also I previously suffered from thrush and have not had any sign or a recurrence since using the mooncup!

I can't believe we weren't encouraged to use the mooncup from our early teens, it would mean a massive percentage of women would now be using them without even thinking about it.

Most girls find the idea of the mooncup unappealing initially, but if you think about it, you must have felt like that at the thought of first using a tampon! They do take a month to get used to them, I found it hard to relax enough to take it out and also to position it correctly but don't even think about it now. Also you need to cut the pointed end off to your comfort. They never leak as long as you empty them as regularly as you need to, and as long as they are positioned correctly. You won't believe how little blood you actually loose!

There are two different sizes depending on whether you have had a baby or not! It is suitable for women who suffer with allergies. I've swam, biked and done yoga with my Mooncup and not even noticed it!

To purchase for £18.99 or find out more about mooncups and to read testimonials, visit: (If you use this special link to reach the website and order one from them straight after using this link I will earn 20%!)

Mooncups are also available at most health food stores and chemists.

If you suffer from heavy periods or prefer to use pads you should try washable sanitary pads too:

Please please pass the mooncup mesage onto every woman you know, it is so amazing and important.

I'll be discussing 'no toilet paper' soon so watch out!